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Tips for Gardening from the OEFFA conference

I recently spoke at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association (OEFFA) on the topic of Urban Gardening.  Approximately fifty attendees discussed their urban gardening challenges and together we brainstormed solutions. I transformed my handout for the workshop into a guest post for Kimberly Hartke, writer of Hartke is Online and publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation.  My Tips for Gardening in Small Spaces with lots of pictures is over at her site.

I am actively searching out a location to give hold the discussion again in Columbus and of course I'll publish here as soon as I know when and where that might be.

For more OEFFA goodness, you can read my summary of Joel Salatin's keynote talk.

Finally, local readers can experience inspiration and networking reminiscent of the conference at a screening of the movie King Corn sponsored by OEFFA among other local whole foods organizations.  On March 22, Studio 35 will host a discussion among local food advocates and show the film for an admission price of $7.50 starting at 6 pm.  Visit the Facebook event listing for all the details.