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The Births of March Second

Here ye, here ye, today don't delay! It's the wonderful underful birth triple play.

Years past in march on the second day,

three babes were born, some of the best I say.

In nineteen oh four it was Theodor Geisel,

a rhymer of words, cat hat green eggs sisal,

a war correspondent, fun loving bambisel,

memorialized now in bronze at an easel.

Michael D Tayse arrived next in fifty five,

my favorite uncle, I'm glad he's alive.

An avid creator, on Converse he thrives.

Stop in, fresh doughnuts coming in five.

Mike's niece Sarah was born in eighty two,

A collector of pets, she's my sister too.

Send a pup or kitten, she'll train it to moo,

Her only fear is the canoe, boo hoo.

For these three dears I say, don't be late!

Jump the gate, clear your slate, you can ride on one skate,

Bring your mate, come in freight, please heed the date,

Whatever you do, celebrate!