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Cast Iron Rocks

We LOVE cast iron cookware.  We own two skillets, one dutch oven, and one griddle.  Here are the top ten reasons that cast iron rocks:

1) It lasts forever.  Seriously.  The cast iron skillet pictured above is from my great grandmother.  She died four years ago and probably owned this skillet for decades before then.

2) Non stick.  Cast iron is naturally non stick when you season it.

3) Easy cleanup.  Simply rinse with hot water.  That's it.  No scrubbing; definitely no dishwasher needed.

4) Convenient storage.  With hooks on the end you can hang skillets like we do or stack them easily on the stovetop or in a drawer.

5) Even heat.  Cast iron retains heat for a very long time (Alex the materials scientist says it has strong thermal capacitance) and heats evenly in a well made pan.  Because it is thicker and has more mass, adding cold food will alter the cooking temperature less than in stainless steel or aluminum pans.

6) Added nutrients?  Cast iron pans may add iron to foods.  The amount of iron may vary based on how well seasoned the pan is, but many people are deficient in iron and the added nutrients can't hurt for most of us.

7) Versatility.  You can do virtually everything in a cast iron skillet: cook eggs, brown sausages, pan fry potatoes, toast grilled sandwiches, bake tortillas, make roasts, and more.

8 ) Odd Usages.  These pans are heavy.  You can use them to weigh down paneer, hold the lid on pickled vegetables, or  clobber an intruder.  More than a cooking vessel, cast iron skillets are good to have around the house.

9) Ease of manufacturing.  Manufacturing a cast iron pan is simple and relatively eco-friendly compared to aluminum and stainless steel pans.  It requires fewer steps, materials, and waste than other pans.  Lodge, the most common brand available, is made in the USA.

10) Value.  Cast iron is readily available as hand-me-downs from relatives, at estate sales, and in retail stores.  Save 15% in my Open Sky store today through Monday on Lodge cast iron skillets in several sizes!  Use coupon code SKILLET15.