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Meal Plan March 8, 2010

Mindful MenusWe have so many plans this week that I am feeling exhausted just thinking about it!  Our jack of all trades friend Krash is coming early tomorrow morning to install our wood burning stove, staying through Tuesday if necessary.  Tuesday night I'm going to an orientation meeting for the FLOW rain barrel program. The end of the week will be occupied with preparations for the School for Young Children scholarship benefit auction.  I am in charge of organizing the donation information before and during the event; Alex and I will both volunteer at Saturday's event.

I wouldn't be surprised if a restaurant meal or two substitutes for some home cooking this week, but here are our good intentions:

Monday - homemade pizza, spinach salad and HAPPY BIRTHDAY brother in law Ben!

Tuesday - spinach feta pie, applesauce

Wednesday - chicken from Frijolito Farms, roasted red potatos from Carousel WaterGardens Farm, and the last of our homegrown golden nugget squash.

Thursday - macaroni and cheese, green beans

Friday - swordfish, risotto with peas

Saturday - sandwiches or quesadillas followed by snacks at the SYC auction

Sunday - family dinner