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What's Left in the Larder

Today we ate our last winter squash harvested over six months ago.  It was bitter and I'm sad about that.

I wondered exactly what is left in our larder.  Here's the count as of March 9, 2010:

8.5 quarts applesauce

10 half pints tomato paste

3 quarts tomato sauce

12 quarts whole tomatoes

2 half pints ketchup

3 quarts barbeque sauce

3 pints honey strawberry jam

1 pint peach jam

2 bags frozen blueberries (maybe a pound each?)

8 2-cup portions of frozen pumpkin puree

handful of dried tomatoes

As we deplete our larder, we are relying on purchasing produce more than ever.  I try to find fresh vegetables at farmer's markets and Clintonville Cooperative, our local natural foods store.  Their selection of produce is getting slim and I can't wait to see more green house grown produce available soon!

How are your preserves holding up?