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Meal Plan March 14, 2010

Mindful MenusAs I anticipated, I am exhausted after last week's activities.  This week will be at a slower pace and next week we're going on vacation! Monday - homemade mac and cheese lunch for two blogger friends coming to visit the chickens; swordfish, broccoli, and risotto for dinner

Tuesday - homemade pizza followed by a meeting of the School for Young Children committee (Alex and I are chairs)

Wednesday - not a St. Patrick's Day menu - falafel (homemade from the freezer), roasted red potatoes, spinach salad

Thursday - 'Brinner' (breakfast for dinner) with my family celebrating my sister's partner's birthday.

Friday - teriyaki chicken, rice, steamed edamame, and Trader Joe's vegetarian potstickers (these have been rattling around the freezer for ages)

Saturday - 12 - 1:30 PM EGGstravaganza at Sprout Soup; clean out the fridge leftover dinner

Sunday - family dinner

Monday - leaving bright and early for a week of relaxation and exploration on the mid east coast including Washington DC and Chincoteague Island, Maryland.  Yippee!!