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The $175 Scrambled Egg Breakfast

Yesterday we collected the first egg from our backyard chickens!!  Our guess is that one of the Buff Orpingtons laid it, as they were particularly vocal yesterday.

Today we collected another egg.  This time we saw an Orpington in the nesting box so it surely came from her.

We scrambled the two smaller than average eggs together for breakfast and served it with homemade bread buttered with home shaken raw milk butter. It was the most delicious egg breakfast we have ever tasted!

At $175 (the price we paid so far for the chickens, coop, feed, and bedding), today's breakfast was also the most expensive we have ever consumed.  Our average cost per egg will obviously decrease over time.  The chickens should lay about 250 eggs per year.  At 33 cents per egg (the price I pay for farm fresh eggs), we will break even after egg number 530.  If the four girls lay every other day (an underestimate but it makes up for future cost of food we'll need to purchase), that's two eggs a day, or 265 days until we reach the tipping point.  265 days from now is approximately Thanksgiving.  And there you have an insight into how my strange calculating mind works.

I added this post to the Fight Back Fridays roundup, even though it is Sunday.  I'm just so pleased with our chickens!