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Meal Plan April 12, 2010

Mindful MenusAlex is traveling for business this week to Connecticut and New Hampshire. I have three workshops scheduled (Food Matters Columbus event Monday, Kids Cook Thursday, and Container Planting Workshop Saturday) AND I will be helping staff the Sprout Soup store while the owners are on vacation. With all the busy-ness, Lil and I will surely have hungry tummies. I will rely on pantry items and frozen homemade food to get us through the week. Monday - chicken leftovers for Lil, homemade bean cheese empanada from the freezer for me, applesauce, carrot sticks Tuesday - penne with home canned tomato sauce and Parmesan Wednesday - sandwiches, lentil soup from freezer Thursday - dinner at friends Friday - homemade pizzas and salad Saturday - restaurant Sunday - family dinner