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Meal Plan April 19, 2010

Mindful MenusWe made it through the week without Alex! Even if I did have horrible allergies... Do you check the weather like I do when meal planning? I like to cook warm foods when it's cold and make use of the grill when warm weather is forecast.

Monday: Lil - chicken and pasta, Rachel and Alex - $1 grilled cheese dinner at Bodega while Lil is at swimming lessons (Thanks for taking her, Mom!!)

Tuesday: Veggie fried rice and tofu

Wednesday: Pulled pork, polenta, spinach salad, Rachel - snack during SYC auction committee meeting at Northstar

Thursday: Earth Day Celebration demonstration, 4:30 pm Franklin Park, potluck dinner with friends or eat at celebration

Friday: Homemade pizzas

Saturday: OSU spring football game!! Grill fish, tofu, veggies for dinner

Sunday: Family dinner

What are you cooking this week?

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