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Bike to Work Challenge 2010

May 10 begins the Bike to Work Challenge for 2010. The premise is simple - log your rides to and from work for 10 days. The team with the best percentage of rides wins pride and prizes.

You don't work traditionally? Neither do I! I created the Columbus Catch-Alls for those of us who have multiple part time jobs, are full-time parents, work from home, or are part time retirees.  Join the Catch-Alls and bicycle to meetings, the coffee shop, preschool drop off, or where ever your work takes you.

If you do work in a traditional workplace, join or create a team with your coworkers.  If you are reading from another city or state (Hi!) look for Bike Month activities at the League of American Bicyclists.

Participating in the Bike to Work Challenge was a great motivator for me last year. It is so easy to hop in the car, but being part of a team helped me choose the bike instead.

Who's in?