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Top Five Most Useful Garden Tools

gardening toolsA garden center can be an intimidating place. Implements of all kinds taunt you with promises to work less, remove more weeds, and garden more efficiently. How many tools does one really need? They are expensive, after all, and there's nothing worse than buying an pricey thingamajig that gets used a few times and then collects dust.

Here are the top five most utilized home garden tools in our stash:

1) Shovel - Don't be afraid to borrow shovels from neighbors until you find the kind you like. I prefer a D-handled shovel while Alex likes a long handled one. Lil has a kid sized shovel too!

2) Rake - A classic bow rake is useful for combing soil, removing leaves and grass in beds, and mixing in amendments.  Raking is very easy for children, so we have a kid sized rake for Lil too.

3) Hand trowel - We have a half dozen hand trowels around the garden of all shapes and sizes.  A thin transplanter is nice for planting small seedlings, a wide hand trowel is great for moving mulch around, and a soil scoop is perfect for container gardening.

4) Pruner - If you thrift all other tools, spend money on a quality pair of pruning shears.  I use these to trim shrubs, cut back ivy and honeysuckle, and lop off branches.

5) Watering can - We have two European style plastic watering cans.  They carry water beyond the reach of our rain barrel hoses.  We also employ them to empty the kiddie swimming pool onto our garden beds.

We acquired most of our tools when a friend convinced us to go to a garden store auction seven years ago.  We are forever thankful to Krash because we won two lots of brand new tools.  I think we paid $40 total for most of the tools we still use today!

Tools are sometimes found at thrift or garage sales.  Perhaps someone in your family has extras in their garage.  If you intend to purchase new, look for solid wood handles and beefy hardware.  Storing tools upright in a sheltered location will keep them lasting longest, though we leave ours all over the yard for most of the growing season.

What garden tools do you find essential?

Disclosure: If you purchase from one of the included links, I will receive a small percentage of the sale. As always, I suggest supporting a local business if you are buying new, but if you prefer online shopping, please support me.