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Canning Season 2010 Begins!

rhubarb jamOn Friday I made rhubarb jam. The day before, reporter John Ross raised an eyebrow when I told him I love canning. He's writing an Alive & Unedited piece about me that will be in the June 3 issue of Columbus Alive! chopped rhubarb for making jam It's true. It pleases my soul to take an in-season about-to-spoil fruit and transform it into something that will last years. I like the rhythm of my work when I am chopping, stirring, sterilizing, filling, and boiling. I love the 'pop' sound that tells me a jar is sealed.

jars of rhubarb jam

And the rows of colorful preserves in clear glass jars as they cool overnight on the counter? Pure satisfaction, in my world.

homemade rhubarb jam If the thought of canning fills you with fear instead of affection, look forward to simple tips and recipes over the summer. You can also come to my Jam Party at Wild Goose Too Many Cooks on Sunday August 1. It's $10 for a hands on workshop from 7 - 9 pm and everyone will go home with a jar of jam!