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Meal Plan May 31, 2010

Mindful MenusWe skipped a few weeks of meal planning recently and our diet has been lacking.  We're hopping back on the bandwagon this week, an especially busy one. Monday - Memorial Day - sandwiches and fruit for picnic lunch at Hoover Dam with family, leftover chicken, rice, and coleslaw for dinner

Tuesday - grill sausages, tofu, potato packet, home canned applesauce

Wednesday - Homemade bread and butter for Rachel to take to  Open Heart Art summer camp orientation, fish, rice, carrot sticks for Alex and Lil

Thursday - Rachel eating dinner with Chef Druck, Alex on his own, Lil eat pasta with babysitter

Friday - Sushi Ting Restaurant

Saturday - Mint tea and homemade snacks to be determined for our Homestead Open House (11 - 1, you're coming, right?), lasagna with greens for dinner

Sunday - Family dinner and/or Asparagus Fest at Wild Goose