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Baby Vegetables

immature baby tomato fruit Many of our plants have set flowers and baby vegetables are beginning to appear!

baby green beans growing

This is an exciting time to be a gardener.  All the work starting the seeds, prepping the soil, planting the seedlings, and weeding are starting to pay off.

immature green peppers growing

There is anxiety too. I am struggling to keep something (a squirrel I think?) from eating the flowers off the zucchini plant.  I have seen it send out flowers many times but none stay around long enough to go to fruit.

pea pod growing

My peas are a lost cause this year, it seems.  Despite being covered in bird netting, sparrows have mowed down the leaves such that they never climbed their beautiful trellis.  Only the peas in Lil's garden have set out a few pods.

What's going on in your garden?