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Meal Plan June 14, 2010

Mindful MenusProduce from our garden is finally maturing for more regular harvests.  This week's menu uses some fresh produce and some of last year's canned goods. Monday - stuffed baked potatoes with garden green salad

Tuesday - dinner with Alex's parents - maybe chicken kabobs, lentils, rice, wilted kale

Wednesday - rotini pasta bake (home grown greens and herbs, home canned tomatoes) with mozzarella

Thursday - sweet pea risotto (home made stock, pick-your-own shell peas)

Friday - tofu pad thai with garden green beans

Saturday - Rachel goes to WordCamp during the day; Birthdays/Father's Day dinner, campfire, and camping at my aunt's horse farm

Sunday - Rachel and Alex cook backyard chicken eggs, home cured bacon, and homemade bread for breakfast; Father's Day feast for Alex and his father at our house.  Lil wants the menu to be a surprise so you'll have to wait until next week!