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Recommended Reads: Hungry Monkey, Insatiable & Cooked

Every night after cooking, gardening, parenting and teaching, I settle in to bed to read.  Columbus is the home of the number one library in the nation by many measures; most of the books on my nightstand come from their nonfiction section.  Below are my thoughts on three recent reads: hungry monkey book reviewMatthew Amster-Burton's Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father's Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater is part journal, part editorial. He honestly and humorously details dining out, eating in, and cooking with his daughter, taking on fast food, child dieting, and bland baby food along the way.  The account is peppered with unique recipes for family friendly dishes. This fun read is perfect for any parent who desires to share their passion for great food with their children.  Amster-Burton also writes the fascinating food blog Roots and Grubs and records a biweekly podcast Spilled Milk.

Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess is the autobiography of food critic Gael Greene. Greene details her unexpected journey to reporting during the free reeling 70s, celebrity sex affairs, and delicious descriptions of restaurants in New York and abroad. As only a food writer could, Greene reveals the details of 40 years of lavish meals and restaurant gossip.

The true story of a cocaine dealer turned chef, Cooked kept me up late too many nights. Jeff Henderson's book is a first hand account of his rise in power in the 90s California cocaine market, arrest, jail time, and eventual success as a professional chef. I was fascinated to read about the cocaine trade and federal prison system. The conclusion, with Henderson finding redemption and passion through cooking, is soul satisfying.

I've chosen a few other books to feature in the Shop page. Check them out of your local library or click through to buy from Amazon to fill your summer reading list.

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