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Harvesting Dragon Tongue Bush Beans

basket of home grown dragon tongue beansWe're harvesting beans, baskets of beautiful yellow and purple striped beans.

row of home grown dragon tongue beans

These heirloom dragon tongue beans are a bush bean, meaning they do not need to be trellised.  They grow down towards the soil hiding under wide umbrella leaves.

dragon tongue beans on homegrown plant

The beans can be cooked fresh.  Sadly they lose their beautiful coloration, cooking to a light yellow color.  They have a buttery taste with a crisp texture, making them delicious steamed or added to stir fries.

The pods can also be left to dry on the vine.  When the seedpods are shriveled, pick them and allow them to dry further on a cookie cooling rack.  Remove the pod and dry the speckled beans further on a rack on top of the fridge or in another dry place.  Store in an airtight container when they are completely dry.  Beans can be kept dry this way for up to a year or made into the best beans and rice ever.

Are you growing beans this year?  What's your favorite variety to grow or eat?