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Save on Canning Jars

I'm not a coupon blogger.  I'm not even a regular coupon user.  I don't subscribe to the newspaper and buy so few name brand products that searching and clipping is a waste of time to me. However, this week I was sitting around my parent's house on Sunday (6-27) and paged through the coupon inserts. In the Redplum insert, there is a coupon for $3 off 2 cases of Ball or Kerr Jars, any size.  Another coupon is good for buy two get one free any size lids or lids and rings.  The rings coupon has a printable version too.

When shopping at my local Kroger (another thing I don't do regularly) I discovered they had jars and rings on sale.  Using coupons I saved over 30% off full price.  This might not be the absolute cheapest you can buy jars, but it's a very good price.   I noticed at Big Lots that their Golden Harvest brand half pints were 12 for $7, a bit more expensive than this coupon deal.

Here's the scenario:

2 x Ball jars, 12 half pints, at $7.81 ($1.38 off at Kroger) = $15.62

subtract $3 off coupon = $12.62, or 53 cents each

Regular price =  9.19 x 2 = $18.38, or 77 cents each

3 x 12 Ball lids, regular mouth size, at $1.78 ($0.31 off at Kroger) = $5.34

subtract $1.78 for one free = $3.56, or 10 cents each

Regular price = $2.09 x 3 = $ 6.27, or 17 cents each