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Rest In Peace Chester

collage of a dead pet fish burial Chester, our beta fish of two years, died today.

Lil was extraordinarily sad, as young children are when a pet dies.  We helped her sit with her grief and choose what to do with the fish body.  We never thought to ask him his final wishes.

Lil chose to make a bed of flower petals in a small box for his coffin.  I helped her write a note on the top that says 'This fish died just when he got his new home.  I really miss him.'  The 'new' home is a tank we got three months ago...

We buried the box in Lil's garden and talked about how Chester's flesh and bones will decompose and fertilize the soil.  I took pictures and later Lil and I put together the collage pictured above.

Lil called all her aunties to tell them that Chester died.  On her second birthday, my sisters, the aunties, bought her the fish tank and I think that's where Lil had the idea that they would want to know about the death in the fish family.

Now Frog is living alone in the fish tank.  We talked about getting a new beta or perhaps other fish when we return from Canada.  In the meantime I'm sure we will keep talking about Chester.  The circle goes round again.