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Goodbye Hounds and Kitchen, Hello Canadian Wilderness!

We're off on our adventure to Canada.  The car is full of food, gear, and toys.  Guest posts are scheduled and ready to keep you entertained for the week. Tune in Sunday for our 19 person paddling meal plan. homemade fritatta with homegrown roasted potatos

We ate our 'last meal' tonight, a frittata of backyard chicken eggs with homegrown tomatoes, green beans, garlic, shallots, and herbs.  On the side were our very first new potatoes of the year.  (They really shouldn't be harvested yet but I was watering the other garden the other day and couldn't resist seeing how the tubers were progressing.)  I savored every fresh delicious bite, knowing that plenty of fast food and dehydrated meals are in my future.

I was reflecting that this trip will be the first time in years that I will be truly electronic free.  Because of owning the online store and writing this blog, every vacation I've taken since Lil's birth has included at least some phone and Internet communication, i.e. 'work'.  Between Sunday and Friday, no work will be done by me at least.  (Someone, ahem Alex, is bringing several communication devises...)

In the absence of the computer and smartphone, I expect to enjoy:

writing with a pen and paper


clouds and stars, uncut by wires and airplanes

fully present family


May you also experience peace this week.  I look forward to sharing pictures and stories upon my return.