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Summer in Full Swing!

Summer is running away with my sanity, I think. I still haven't recovered from waking every day at dawn on the canoe trip, so I'm lacking sleep.  There are so many events, activities, plans, and parties that I can barely keep up with myself.  In fact, I'm writing this post on OSU campus in a short break from my volunteer role as an orientation coordinator for the 4-H International Program.

Next week looks to be a little calmer so I hope to post more camping reflections, recipes, and a garden update.  For now, here's a list of homesteading related newsbytes:

  • Columbus Food Adventures launches tonight!  I'm so proud of fellow blogger Bethia Woolf for creating this food tour business to showcase Columbus' great food scene.  When life slows down (when will that ever be??) I can't wait to join one of the tours.
  • My Clint Eastwood plum tomatos are coming in like crazy.  Fortunately my palate isn't tired of them yet so I'm eating them fresh, sliced, and as toppings for anything I can think of.
  • We've also recently harvested several perisian pickling cucumbers, a zucchini, lots of herbs, kale, broccoli, and carrots.  This is a great time of year to be a gardener!!
  • I haven't tasted any of the other tomato varieties yet because a certain four birds keep pecking at them before they ripen. 
  • We're building some chicken wire fences around tomato beds this weekend.  Can you say UGLY?
  • I'm taking a beekeeping class from the Franklin Park Conservatory starting the first week of August.  Our plan is to gather supplies and confidence this winter and add a hive of bees to the backyard in early spring.
  • Next Tuesday is kid's day at the Pearl Alley Market.  I'll be there with Lil and maybe some friends to check out the summer vegs and the special kids events: juggler, balloon art, COSI, and more!
  • Speaking of markets, I'm going to the 15th and High Market as soon as I finish this list.  I'm excited!
  • Alex's birthday is on Monday.  His present from me is something that will be useful to both of us in the kitchen and I really can't wait for him to open it.
  • I'm making a blueberry pie for his birthday dinner on Saturday.  I've never made a blueberry pie before.  Pie crust I have down; suggestions for a great filling recipe are welcome!
  • Lil videorecorded and narrated another chicken video.  It's long but very cute (once you get past her kicking at them!) if you want to check out the backyard birds on youtube.
  • If you have even more time, here's the Flickr set of my best 300 pictures from the Canada canoe trip.
  • Local Matters has two Food Educator job openings listed here and here.  I volunteered with their Food is Elementary program and the curriculum is exceptional.  If you want to make a difference in the health and lives of children, I encourage you to apply.
  • I'm hosting lots of events in August.  Learn to can,  join me at the Goodale Park Music series, check out The Hill's Market Kids Day August 21, and send your child to Kids Cook Dinner or Food Art camp with me!

I feel better getting all that out there and now I'm off the market.  Have a great one!