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Meal Plan August 2, 2010

Mindful MenusWow, is it really August?!  We missed meal planning last week and it definitely made dinner time more hectic.  This week will be better because I can look forward to some yummy meals. Monday - new potato hash with poached eggs, chopped tomato, and bacon  100% homegrown/raised/cured!

Tuesday - homemade pizza and applesauce, then Rachel goes to first beekeeping class!

Wednesday - family dinner - grilled chicken, something with kale

Thursday - potluck with Japanese students and host families - I think we'll bring a salad of homegrown Cherokee tomatoes and basil

Friday - visit Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz in Painesville OH (Mike will make us good food served with lots of wine.  Yay!)

Saturday - still in Painesville OH

Sunday - family dinner