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Canning Week 2010 Part Two coming soon

Ugh.  I dropped a heavy ceramic ring that I use as garden decor on my foot Wednesday night.  It barely hurt at first, but by Thursday morning my foot was very tender, a bit swollen and bruised.  I spent most of yesterday worrying about it. Last night I was in pain and itchy from taking an old painkiller.  I barely slept.

This morning I went to a podiatrist.  He took x-rays and determined my foot bones were all intact.  He said the pain is coming from bruising and tendonitis.  Rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories should make it feel better soon.

Because I didn't write my posts ahead of time like a good blogger, I'll have to reschedule the last two segments of Canning Week 2010, pickles and tools and tips, for next week or later.

Enjoy your weekend!  I'll be here, with my foot up.