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In the New York Times

Look! Lil and I are in the New York Times! It's an article about when to start kindergarten, something I did truly debate ad nauseam this year. Ultimately we decided to start school next year, allowing her one more year of part time preschool.

To some degree, the article focuses on parents holding their children back to give them an advantage later on. Lil's success compared to other kids, nor the impact of her age on the classroom on a whole, did not enter my mind until being interviewed for this article. We made the decision based on what would serve her needs best. We know she will benefit greatly from another year in a playful, emotional and social focused preschool before full day kindergarten.

How it Happened

This article came about because of the HARO, or Help A Reporter Out, list.  Anyone can join as a reporter or source.  I participate as a potential news source so I can share my experience as a small business owner, blogger, and locavore.

A few times a day, HARO sends out a simple text email with queries from journalists. When I get the chance, which is not always, I read the query subject lines and send off a quick email to the journalist if I might fit their needs.

In this case, the writer Pamela Paul responded to my email with a request for a phone interview. She shared that it was for the New York Times. I agreed to be interviewed and we spent ten minutes on the phone a few days later.

Early this week, a few weeks after the phone interview, the Style section editor called and asked if Lil and I would be willing to be photographed. I agreed. We set a date for a local freelance photographer to come to our house.

Greg Sailor spent about 45 minutes at the house on Thursday morning. He took pictures of us reading on the porch, playing, and coloring. You can visit his his online portfolio and sweet bicycle photo sites.

An editor called me again on Friday to confirm a few details and the story was published!