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The Garden, She's Been Growin'

overgrown raised bed garden I realize that is has been an obscenely long time since I posted a garden update.  It's not that we haven't been gardening, but that our hands are so frequently covered in dirt that I haven't updated.  Here's what's going on:

  • Peas were a complete failure this year.  Boo!!
  • We ate several meals of broccoli from our two plants.
  • We over-planted tomatoes again.  They are a mess of vines and leaves and glorious fruit tearing down cages, drooping to the ground under all the weight.
  • While we don't weigh every harvest, I estimate we have picked at least 60 pounds of tomatoes so far.  Most are being canned into sauce.
  • Some of our tomatoes are suffering blossom end rot.  I'm treating with eggshell water and powder once weekly and that seems to help.
  • Garlic was harvested in late July.  It's a decent harvest but not as good as last year.
  • We collected 10 pounds potatoes, 18 winter squash, and a few ears of popcorn from the other garden.  Right now there is nothing edible growing there and I'm unsure whether I will plant anything for fall.
  • Potatoes at home have been only remotely successful.  We still haven't harvested from the tower or one of the buckets.  I'll write a potato wrap up post after we complete the harvest.
  • Raspberries are giving up a handful of ripe red fruit every day.
  • Lil's garden carrots and chard have provided ample food for her to snack on and make salads.
  • Green beans are coming on slowly.  I planted several at the end of June and they are just about to bear mountains of beans.  My favorite!
  • Herbs are providing seasoning to our dishes.  I've dried some and we will make a batch of basil pesto for the freezer soon.
  • Kale, the wonder producer, still has leaves on the plant.  I pulled and cooked most of the plants for the Soul Food Potluck.
  • We have two plums on our Italian plum tree.  All the peaches fell in a wind storm and most of our blueberries never fruited.  This winter I plan to spend time studying fruit production.
  • In the last three weeks I have begun fall planting.  I'll detail more about what and when to plant later this week.

What's growing in your world?

All are invited to come visit the garden at our next Homestead Open House on Saturday September 11 from 11 am - 1 pm.  We would love to have you!