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Planting for Fall Harvest and a Winner!

radish and carrots planted for fall One of the pleasures of living in Ohio on a small plot of land is that succession planting is relatively easy. Succession planting, or seeding crops right after another, extends your growing season from the same plot of land. It works very well if you fill the space from a plant gone by with a new one that will succeed in the coming weather conditions.

We're a little under two months away from the frost free date here in central Ohio. Vegetables that can be planted now must either mature in 50-60 days or be cold hearty enough to tolerate a little frost. Here are some suggestions:

  • Carrots - plant now and harvest throughout the winter as they get sweeter with age in the ground
  • Radishes - many varieties mature quickly.  We're trying daikon this fall.
  • Beets and Turnips- mildly frost tolerant
  • Swiss Chard and Kale - greens that will keep producing all winter under a cold frame and tolerate frost without a cold frame
  • Lettuces and Spinach - harmed by frost but many mature in under 60 days, check your seed packet

When my broccoli, kale, and potatoes were picked, I planted a variety of these quick maturing veggies in their places.  I reseeded my lettuce containers last week too.  With some help from the weather we will enjoy home grown produce for months to come.

Have you planted anything for autumn harvests?


Thanks to everyone who entered the Made by Hand giveaway!  There were lots of great ideas. Ultimately I chose 'Book Hounds', the entry first mentioned by Lisa because it is short and sweet. Now I just need to get the dogs to pose with some books for a little logo. Lisa, look for an email so I can send you your prizes!

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