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Sexy Homegrown Tomatoes Bare All

julia child heirloom pink tomatoOh, Julia Child, you dear pink tomato.  Your blushing beauty covers your spicy inside, tempting gardeners for decades. cherokee chocolate heirloom tomatoCherokee Chocolate, dark enchantress of the bunch.  That Christmas colored skin of yours yields to a dark juicy flesh, dripping with sunlight transformed to sweetness.

rutgers heirloom tomatoThen there's you, Rutgers.  Your pleats, your bulbous inundations, inspire a thousand delicious thoughts.

seven heirloom tomatoes

All together, you are a brothel of diversity, a color, size, and flavor for every preference.

seven heirloom tomatos cut open

Sliced raw, you bare your internal beauty, solid flesh giving way to juicy pulp and life renewing seeds.  Your eclectic flavors and textures are inspirational, a summer sensual feast.