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Conference at a Crossroads

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lake biggar canada mirror reflectionHounds in the Kitchen is growing not unlike the edible garden in our backyard.  I planted seeds in education, writing, and speaking from this blog.  Some have borne fruit already.  Some activities seem to reseed themselves, providing reward after reward while others are rife with weedy challenges.

The garden is getting a little unruly.  It requires enough maintenance that my head spins regularly trying to determine which task to undertake next.  Do I write another blog post?  Query a magazine? Make arrangements for a new class?  Write a newsletter?

There are also expansions to consider. It's possible that this blog audience and local food lovers could support launching an ebook, organizing a conference, or even opening a cooking school.

I wonder what will yield the biggest harvest, emotionally and financially.  I consider which tasks I enjoy most and which require sacrifices of time and attention from my family.  The plantings are getting crowded; I question whether some should be culled.

I am actively seeking advice and education to cultivate my mission. I expanded my blog reader and stack of books beside my bed to include essays on being a food writer, edible gardening, sustainable cooking, business, and more. Soon I will organize an Artie Isaac-inspired brainstorming session for trusted supporters to plan my life.

In September, Asheville North Carolina plays host to the Type-A Mom Conference.  The speaker lineup includes bloggers I trust engaged in sessions that could help me clarify what I'm doing well and where to go next.  The town of Asheville is a place I have long wanted to visit and document for their amazing farmer's markets and real food restaurants. This post is an entry for a ticket to the conference from Blog Conference Newbie and MomImpact.

If you want to see Hounds in the Kitchen blossom to its full potential, I would appreciate your input.  What paths would you like to see in the garden?  Feel free to leave a comment or email.