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Labor Day Camping 2010 Menu

campfire cooking We're taking off for an extended family camping trip at East Harbor State Park this afternoon. After managing a thousand details for the Canadian back country canoe trip earlier this summer, plans are lax for this weekend.

I did work out a very basic campfire cooking menu:

Fri night - grilled sausage, buns, veg sticks, fruit, chips Sat am - english muffins and cream cheese Sat lunch - hummus, veg sticks, pretzels, fruit, nuts Sat dinner - taco-truck style pork, corn tortillas, queso blanco cheese, cilantro, salsa Sun am - backyard eggs, bacon, homemade bread for toast, jam Sun lunch - Peaches Perch Pierogi Fest I am very excited about this! Sun dinner - grilled chicken, white and sweet potato packets, slaw Mon am - leftovers, english muffins, toast

I'm also bringing homemade cowboy cookies (a cross of oatmeal and chocolate chip), a barrel of pretzels, and a tub of mixed nuts for snacks. Beverages will include Snowville milk for Lil and beer and sangria for us.

As I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend I bought most of the food pre-prepared. It's all made with high quality ingredients, just not by me. Sometimes we all need to give ourselves a break.

If you happen to be around a computer (I won't!) please vote for me (@racheltayse) to win a conference ticket to Asheville North Carolina once a day. Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend and Labor Day holiday!