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I'm Eating Meat Again

After a dozen years as a vegetarian, I have returned to an omnivorous nature. It all started after we killed and butchered Red the pig. The meat was so honestly procured and preparations so delicious smelling that I could not resist a few bites of bacon, then guanciale, then ribs and more.

pasture raised homemade sausage and ribs

I noticed that when I ate Red's meat, my tummy stayed full for a long time. I didn't eat extra starches. I wasn't hungry for a snack two hours later, a lovely feeling.  If I want to lose weight (a mere five pounds would bring me back to my high school weight) eating meat to stay full might be the way to do it.

I have never explained my reasons for being vegetarian on this blog because it is complicated. I initially started down the path because friends were vegetarian. Then I came to dislike meat because of the environmental degradation factory farming can cause. I couldn't quite stomach mistreatment of animals either.

Ultimately, my views have not changed, which is why I'm now a 'picky' meat eater. My self imposed dietary guideline is this: If honestly acquired, pasture raised meat is available, I will eat a small portion. I'll enjoy it in reverence for the animal's life and the hard work of those who raised and slaughtered it.

For the most part, this means I will remain a vegetarian restaurant diner.  As I don't want to be that annoying person who asks the source of every ingredient in a meal, I will still choose meatless options when dining with friends or family.  Even at home, we cannot afford high quality meat for meals every day so animal protein will remain limited in our meal planning.

As change is the only constant, I anticipate that my meat eating habits may be different at another time in my life.  Where are you on the meat/meatless spectrum?  How did you get to this place on your dietary path?

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