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30 before 30

Today marks exactly thirty days before my thirtieth birthday.

I will not be one to hang on to age 29. I look forward to leaving behind my 20s, a decade of moving, changing and questioning. I love the grey hairs beginning to sprout on my head and hope for new wisdom and satisfaction in the coming decade. How can I not want to turn 30? There are fun things being planned for my birthday weekend!

In these last thirty days before age thirty, I want to accomplish a few things:

1. I will lost 5 pounds, returning to my weight as a 20 year old. I plan to do this by relying less on cheese and starches to get my through hunger and exercising a bit more.

2. I will hold an Artie Isaac-style Summit to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

3. I will start the next tattoo. Four ideas are rolling around in my mind: apple with negative space shape of Ohio, modified 'kiss' illustration from Lil, spiral of paper cranes, or something do to with a vegetable garden.

4. I will go somewhere for fun. I have an incredible yearning to travel right now with my little family, not worrying about extended family or big plans. Conveniently, Alex has two free stays at a Marriott hotel so we can even travel on the cheap.

5. I will say no. It's hard for me, but I constantly over schedule and over stress myself. My 30s might be the decade of saying no.

I will report back to you about these goals on or about October 9th, 2010. And if you're wondering, yes, of course I have a birthday list!