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30 before 30 Update

It is now twenty days until my 30th birthday.

The day after my 30 before 30 post, my next youngest sister (do you know I'm the oldest of four sisters?) knocked on the door, shoved a handful of pennies at me, and walked away. I later counted them; there were thirty.

Nothing happened the next day.

paperclip spiral

The day after that, the dogs barked wildly at Lil's bedtime.  We stopped reading a story and found two gifts on the porch - a plum figure with thirty toothpicks and a string of thirty paper clips.  Two of my sisters were hiding in the bushes.

Are you getting the theme?

gummy bears lined up on the sidewalk

Every day since, there's been a gift of thirty somethings.  My sisters have left a plethora of pixie sticks, a swarm of plastic spider rings, a secret message comprised of thirty characters, and, my personal favorite, thirty gummy bears glued to the steps of the house.

You can probably imagine the fun Lillian and the neighbor children had at chomping the heads off the stuck gummy bears.

I am excited for the next twenty days.  I am already realizing that a few of my goals (weight loss and escapist vacation) might not happen, but I am OK with that.  There are other trips on the horizon and I'm exercising more regularly so who cares about the number on the scale?