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In the Edible Columbus Fall 2010 edition, readers will find a Young Palates column written by me.  It is all about apples and features my favorite apple farmer, Charlie Fritsch of Windy Hill FarmRead online here. You can find print copies of Edible Columbus around the city at their advertising locations.

The Hobby Farm Home November/December 2010 issue has an article about hosting a class or workshop.  I am one of three subjects of the article with quotes, a picture, and link to this blog included.

The online version of this issue of Hobby Farm Home is not up yet and I am not sure whether the workshop article will ever be made available online.  I bought my paper copy at Barnes and Noble in the Lennox shopping center.

As exciting as it is to see my name in print, personal glorification is not why I am writing and pursuing interviews.  Instead, I want to share my passion about local seasonal ingredients and home cooking.  I want to show people simple and healthy ways to engage more with the food system.

I would love to hear your feedback.