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Ohio Love Apples

liberty apple picking ohio

Humble as pie,

Basic as 'a is for',

Diverse as the land and people:

Ohio apples.

ohio apple picking liberty

Already this season I have picked a bushel and a half of apples from Windy Hill Apple Farm.  Most varieties are ripening two weeks earlier than normal this year.  I have sauced, dried, eaten them fresh, and even baked a dozen into my first ever apple pie.  In October, I will return to Charlie's for the king of Ohio apple varieties, Gold Rush.

Helpful tip ~ Store apples until April or longer by following these steps: 1. Wash storing apples, such as Gold Rush. 2. Leaving them wet, place in a thin plastic grocery sack. 3. Loosely tie the sack shut. 4. Place in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. 5. Every few weeks, re-wet apples if they are dry and remove any that may have gone soft.

oh-I-o love apples, do you?

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