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Meh Meal Plan October 4, 2010

I felt lousy all last week until I finally went to the minute clinic on Friday. Sinus infection. My third this year. Bad sinuses are in my genes and apparently it's my time to suffer. The first antibiotic I tried made my stomach ache so badly that I basically did nothing this weekend, not even sleeping well. Today I switched to a different antibiotic that isn't causing quite the side effects. I was able to do a bit of cooking today and mothered Lil while Alex worked. Hopefully the rest of the week will continue to improve.

We are participating in the Eat Local Challenge so I will put my best effort into eating locally this week, despite the sickies. Here's the mind addled plan:

Monday - roasted red pepper and local tomato soup with homemade bread crouton, baked homegrown potatoes

Tuesday - Jeni's Tour! Before the tour we'll have Charlie's apples, nuts and crackers for a snack. After, if we're still hungry, we'll munch on leftovers.

Wednesday - Crispy tacos with homemade chorizo (pork from Blues Creek Meats), cabbage, fresh salsa with last of home grown tomatoes and peppers, queso blanco, beans, rice

Thursday - brinner: backyard eggs, toast, homemade applesauce

Friday - maybe pick more Charlie's apples (I might be obsessed), shrimp with linguine and local kale

Saturday - My birthday!! There's a surprise going on midday and I'll decide on that day what I want for dinner.

Sunday - My birthday part two!! I'm demonstrating jam canning at Oakland nursery from 12 - 1 and then more birthday festivities.

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