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Vintage Egg Cartons

Once I started keeping chickens in the backyard, I became the recipient of information relating to urban chickens through emails from friends and links on Facebook. These cartons are my first physical gift of chicken-related material and I LOVE them! vintage egg cartons on book shelf

My Aunt Liz, a seasoned flea market and thrift shopper, found them. My Uncle Mike, jewelry maker and food-loving teacher, delivered them on Labor Day.

vintage egg carton images

egg carton 1

I scanned the red design from the Self Locking Carton Co. It is marked with a trademark of 1939. I love the lettering and the squawking and pecking hens.

vintage cardboard egg carton

I can find no age on the blue box, labeled a Hawk Egg Carton from Bloomer Bros Company. The dividers are made of intricate folds from a single sheet of cardboard.

In a dream world, I could afford to pay the amazing Cathe Holden, blogging at Just Something I Made, to design a logo for me using these as inspiration. In the meantime I will enjoy displaying them in my kitchen.