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A Day in the Slow Life

tandem bicycle Annette of Sustainable Eats recently shared a day in her life and challenged others in the slow food lifestyle to do the same.

It is an interesting idea to compare our individual days. What chores do we share? What aspects of our routine are unique? What can we learn from each other? Why call it 'slow life' when we are so busy?

At any rate, here's what I did this Tuesday October 19, 2010:

7:45 am Wake up and get dressed with yesterday's clothes 8 Drop off Devie at the vet for surgery to address an eye ulcer 8:15 Return home, shower, dress in clean clothes (Lil and Alex still sleeping) 8:45 Eat half a Pattycake sticky bun and cup of coffee while posting pumpkin seeds recipe 9:15 Drive to Franklin Park Conservatory 9:30 Meet with Julia Hansel, education director, to brainstorm topics of kids and family cooking classes for 2010-2011 11:15 Return home, greet Lil and Alex for the day, start re-arranging basement to make a play area for Lil and better storage of home canned goods 12:15 Reheat homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch, pack Lil's preschool snack with crackers, apple, and kefir 12:45 Preschool drop off 1:15 Come home, begin making pumpkin puree from homegrown pie pumpkins 2:00 Take pictures of our tandem bike for sale 2:15 Finish pureeing and packaging 11 cups of pumpkin puree. 2:30 List Franklin Park events on the events calendar 3:00 Preschool pick up, play/chat with friends at playground 4:15 Return home, stopping at Clintonville Community Market for produce 4:30 Move a few more things in the basement 5:45 Pickup drugged Devie and meds from the vet 6:30 Return home, cook and eat polenta with roasted beets and goat cheese inspired by my friend Vanessa's recipe. Lil cries during dinner because she doesn't want to eat or get herself an alternative 7:30 Bedtime routine, including extra cuddles with healing Devie 8:15 Watch a little TV and drink wine while reading blogs, checking in to facebook and twitter 9:30 Realize I can barely keep my eyes open (seriously, this sinus infection or whatever it is WILL NOT GO AWAY) but continue to surf 10:30 Finally go upstairs, brush teeth, and settle in to bed with a short chapter of The Cook and the Gardener

What goes on in a day of your life?

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