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Lessons from Lil: the "backup"

Can you translate this request from Lil? "Mama, can we make a backup?

Like when we went to Canada at Old McDonald's and stay in the car and they put food in a bag?"

Did you figure it out?  Lil wanted to visit a fast food restaurant, probably for the toy.

My heart swelled and I giggled just a little at this request.  I am proud in a way that my five year old does not know the name of the largest fast food restaurant chain, nor the vocabulary word "drive through".  She really doesn't care for the food and has little experience with it.

I am further delighted that Lillian's language has developed such that her thorough description allowed me to easily understand her request.  Good riddance to the days of toddler non-verbals.

Alex and I made no conscious plans to exclude fast food from our daughter's realm of understanding but we truly rarely go to the backup, I mean drive through.