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Hound in Trouble

A year ago, at Halloween time, I noticed that the big hound Devorguilla's left eye was a little funky.  A trip to the vet revealed that the lens was not held in place properly anymore, possibly due to an inherited muscle degeneration.  The lens bouncing around left the eye looking cloudy.  I was told it could be a precursor to glaucoma but unless Devie seemed uncomfortable there was no reason for concern.

We monitored it through the year and noted no changes...

...until earlier this month.  Devie stopped opening the eye and on the rare chance we could get a view we noticed that the surface no longer seemed smooth and rounded.  There was a bump.

The vet examined her and explained there was an ulcer on the surface of the eye.  He put her under for surgery to remove the ulcerated cells and also smooth the epithilius of the eye so it could heal itself.

dog in cone of shameA week later, the ulcer was not healed.  Devie went into surgery again and this time the vet sewed her eyelid shut to encourage healing.  Two days before trick or treat, Dev came home with a costume of a large 'cone of shame' and exposed stitches.

On Thursday we returned for a recheck because the eye was weepy and swollen.  The vet switched her oral antibiotics and prescribed more pain medicines.

After two more days of stupor and antibiotics, the eye still didn't look right.  The vet squeezed us in this morning's schedule.  He removed the stitches but the eyelids are so distressed and swollen that he couldn't examine the eye itself.  We are now to apply a topical antibiotic ointment and keep her drugged to the gills so that she can rest and heal.

If the eye isn't significantly better by early next week, the next step is to remove it.  We might soon have a one eyed dog.

The whole house is stressed from this situation.  Devie is our oldest oddest pet.  She is definitively 'my' dog and I'm scared for her health.  Alex has been administering most of the meds and is tired and worried.  We are all a little grossed out at the sight of her oozing eye.  The little hound Hawise is desperate for attention, jealous of everyone doting on Devie.  And our non-existent veterinary fund?  It's hurting too.

I have been sharing some of the eye saga on facebook and twitter and very much appreciate the sympathy and concern shared there.  I didn't think I would ever miss Devie's regular bad behavior, but I'm ready for my loud-howling, food-stealing, counter-surfing dog to return!