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Vote For Issue 4 to Keep CML Strong

Voting is as critical as planning the garden to us at Hounds Central - both activities set the stage for life in the coming years.  On Tuesday, we want you to vote, to express your voice in America's democracy, no matter your political leanings. If you are in Columbus like us, your ballot is lengthy with candidates and we would not dare use this platform to advocate for electing any one particular person.

books houndsBut we will use it to advise you on an issue near to our hearts and our homestead: Issue 4, the renewal levy to Keep Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) Strong.

We could share the facts about Issue 4, including the growing demand of the library's resources without a funding update since the 1980s.  We could spout statistics of increasing visitors, circulation, and number 1s.

When it comes down to it, Hounds in the Kitchen supports Issue 4 for simpler reasons.  We voted (early yay!) for Issue 4 because:

The library is an educational resource.  When we impulsively decided to buy chickens, the library provided a wealth of co-op building and chicken books.  When we impulsively bought a cider press, we reserved a book on making cider and picked it up two days later.  The library supports our diverse crazy pursuits.

The library is an arts and culture venue.  Lil and Rachel attended a performance of Lil's favorite band, the Shazzbots, at a CML branch in the summer.  Alex's mother and father have participated in art shows at CML branches.  The very buildings that house many branches are beautiful works of architecture.

The library is a point of pride for Columbus.  Rachel shared on Travels with Pirates that it wasn't until moving away from Columbus that we realized the true value of the libraries here.  For businesses and relocating citizens, the outstanding Columbus library system draws them in.  We're not just a city with a great college football team.

The library builds community.  By being free and accessible to all, the library is a place we always meet neighbors and friends from all walks of life.  Indeed, baby storytimes at the library were some of Lillian's very first meetings of her peer group.  Friendships, alliances and businesses are built at the library.

The library is as necessary to a community as soil to the garden.  It is the foundation that nurtures the ideas that build our city.  Keep CML Strong - Vote for Issue Four