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The Early Bird Gets the Mouse

backyard chickens Austra: Hey hey, whatcha got, there Pecky?

backyard chicken with mousebackyard chicken with mouse

Pecky: Can't talk now, mouth full of mouse.

chicken running with mouse in woodpile

Pecky: How am I going to eat this thing?

chickens chasing each other for mouse

Sussey: Hey, Pecks, can I have some?

chicken running

Pecky: No way, sister, this mouse is mine!

Our chickens are most decidedly omnivores, as they demonstrated this morning with a little rodent hunting.  They also eat insects and worms with relish when free ranging.

I am absolutely against chickens eating meat meal, especially if it contains chicken meat.  But, the only way farmers can guarantee that eggs from their hens are 100% vegetarian fed is if they confine them, a practice that incubates disease and limits the omnivore nature of the birds.  Eggs from free ranged hens, found in the backyard or farmer's market, are the best choice for the birds and the flavor.