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How to Make Fruit Liqueur

Homemade flavored liqueur is one of the simplest ways to preserve the flavor of fresh fruit.  I posted a recipe for cranberry liqueur last year, but one can make liqueur with any fruit with the following simple method. fresh grapes to make liqueurmascerating grapes for liqueur recipe

Local, in season fruits make the best liqueurs because they have the strongest fresh flavor.  Choose clean washed fruit.  Smash berries, chop stone fruits, or juice citrus and place in a clean large glass container, like a half gallon ball jar.  This series of photos uses some local concord grades from our fruit CSA.

sugar syrup added to grape liqueur recipeadding vodka to liqueur recipe

Add an equal volume of cooled sugar syrup or honey. (Make sugar syrup by boiling an equal amount of sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved.)

Top that off with an equal amount of full strength (80 proof) or higher vodka.

liqueur resting on cookbook shelf

Add the lid and give the mix a swirl.  Find a spot for the jar to rest at room temperature.  Swirl once a day, tasting each day. At first the taste will be very alcohol forward, but the flavors mellow the alcohol over time.

straining grape liqueur recipe

When the taste is to your liking, usually in five to seven days, strain out the fruit.  Strain through cheesecloth for the most clear result.

finished grape liqueur

Bottle in a jar with a tight fitting lid.  You can reuse jars or buy new Swing Top or Flask Bottles online.  Add a personalized label, perhaps with a suggested cocktail recipe, for a special gift.

The color may mute over time but the flavor will remain fresh for years.  Serve in a cordial glass or mix into a cocktail.

Homemade Fruit Liqueur

1 part crushed fresh fruit

1 part sugar syrup or honey

1 part 80+ proof neutral tasting vodka

1. Mix all ingredients in a clean glass container.

2. Keep at room temperature, swirling and tasting once a day.

3. When the flavor develops as you like, strain out the fruit through cheesecloth.

4. Adjust alcohol content or sweetness by adding vodka (to strengthen), water (to weaken), or sugar syrup.

5. Store in a closed bottle in a cool dark location for best results.

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