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POM Party Tonight

I am a mad woman cooking and cleaning for tonight's POM Party.  The people at POM Wonderful sent me two cases of fresh pomegranates and some juice with which to host a dinner.  I am featuring this non-local seasonal ingredient with a host of Ohio seasonal ingredients.  As two diners are cow's milk sensitive, this is a cow dairy free menu. The menu is:

sciurus rillette with Osage Lane Creamery danish hansen goat cheese and pomegranate compote on homemade toast points

marinated local tatsoi salad with pomegranate arils

pomegranate glazed Red’s pork shoulder over polenta round with braised cabbage

rustic ohio apple pomegranate pie

harvest sunset (tequilla, nectarine pomegranate juice, homemade grenadine)

pomegranate mulled wine

homemade pomegranate cordial

If you want to follow along, I will be tweeting as dinner is served tonight.  Follow Hounds in the Kitchen on facebook for updates there.  I will post a recap within a week and share some recipes.  Are there any dishes in particular that you want me to write about?