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Friday Link Love

Inspired by Andy Soell's link list this morning, I'm sharing some awesome blogs I read and think you might like too:

Snapdragon Ink - http://www.snapdragonink.com

A recent immigrant to the US from Canada, Joanne writes with ease about parenting and living in our part of North America.  She recently visited Haiti with a group from Ohio State University and her writings about that experience are incredibly moving.

Recommended reading:

A Tent City Tour in Haiti

Notes on the First Meeting of the ACRC

Simple Mom - http://simplemom.net/

I met Tsh Oxenreider, the mastermind behind the Simple Mom blogs, at Blissdom last winter.  Simple Mom features tips and articles about slowing down and enjoying the little things in this crazy chaotic world.  I love reading not only for the content but also to dream about someday writing a similarly beautiful professional blog.

Recommending Reading:

Plan Your Peaceful Christmas

How to Live A Better Story

for bloggers, Tsh has a stellar Advertising Page and Media Kit that can serve as examples for making your own.

Teacher Tom - http://teachertomsblog.blogspot.com

Teacher Tom's blog about teaching and learning from young children is a great big mess.  He writes about the best kind of messes, the ones from which children and adults learn.  Nature, mistakes, reconstruction and paint messes are the topics of blog posts inspired by and about the cooperative preschool Tom runs.  If you have young children or work with them, this blog is chock full of inspirational ideas and experiences to empower children.

Recommended Reading:

Pretending to Not Know especially timely in the season of  'do you believe in Santa?'

Without Talking There Are No Solutions

Persephone's Kitchen - http://persephoneskitchen.com

Debra is a newbie to the Columbus food blogging scene but she has a clear voice that is sure to stick around.  She shares recipes with local whole foods and wine pairings.  I love that a music selection is also included with nearly every recipe.

Recommended Reading:

Sunday Dinner, Porch to Table | Roasted Pumpkin with Italian Sausage

Kitchen Magic: Local Squash Souffle and a Steak