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Big Mac

I have no pictures of the turkey or family portraits or plates of food from this Thanksgiving.  Instead, I have pictures of Big Mac. big mac the pig

Big Mac is a hog raised by my mother's cousin's family, the Barkers.  After Thanksiving dinner (including the delicious ham of one of Mac's former barn-mates) a group of us went out to visit the pigs.  We found Mac, a solid large Hereford.

And when he turned around, we saw Big Mac's most, um, distinguishing characteristic(s).

big mac's large scrotum

None of us could keep our eyes off them, I mean him.

watching the pig

Big Mac's well endowed package also caught the attention of Ohio State Fair officials last year.  Upon entering the competition ring, he was immediately marched to the first place position and bestowed with a Grand Champion honor.

I wonder which end of the hog displayed the blue ribbon?

PS.  Alex believes this post would be more appropriately titled 'Big Mac had a Big Sack.'  What do you think?