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Handmade Holidays: Adorning Gifts in Jars

handmade teacher presents This post concludes my series on handmade holiday gifts.  Previous weeks included instructions for making hand-rolled beeswax candles, hot cocoa mix, and spice rub.  A list of other possible gifts in jars is at the bottom of the post.

I believe that giving a homemade or home canned gift in a mason jar is a true expression of love.  A homemade jam contains peak of the season flavors and the gift of time spent preserving.  Custom spice, cocoa, or baking mixes show genuine consideration for the individual.

To elevate the gift beyond everyday pantry fare, proper wrapping is in order.

First, label the lid to ensure the recipient knows what they are getting.  I like to use my Brother Personal Labeler Machine to denote the contents and date/instructions as applicable. Writing neatly with a permanent marker works fine too.

label on canning jarusing a map to cover jar liduse a map to make gift label

Because the tops aren't all that pretty, cover them with something beautiful. Old maps and books make a cute topping, especially when you can match the paper to something unique about giftee. I used a discarded Tennessee map to create the top and gift tag cover for the spice rub I'm giving to a certain brother in law who now lives in Murfreesboro.

Fabric covers can be made from scraps or fat quarters bought at the craft store. Use pinking shears to cut the edges of a square or circle just a bit larger than the lid. Slip the metal ring over the top and you have a cute cover.

igloo letterpress canning labels Tie a piece of raffia, ribbon, or twine around the ring. Attach a paper or cardboard gift tag to identify the recipient and giver. I adore the country chic letterpress gift tags from Igloo Letterpress pictured at left.

A big bow on top would be another lovely adornment. Condo Blues and How About Orange have step by step instructions for making your own from newsprint or magazine pages.

How do you adorn homemade gifts?

Other handmade food gift ideas: Liqueur Fruit Jam (apple pie, peach, or strawberry) Applesauce a loaf of bread (no-knead or cranberry) Sugared cranberries