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Thanks for Handmade Gifts Received

Our Xmas was truly lovely.  The Goose Dinner went off without a hitch, Lillian was patient during the many family gatherings, and we loved the wintery weather.  We received some fantastic handmade gifts during the festivities.

handmade lower half apronparrot dog costumehome sewn girls dress and backpackClick pictures to enlarge.
My sister sewed me a lower half apron with purple fabrics from my 30th birthday quilt, Lillian's gift, a handmade purse, and gifts from years past.

She also was the crafty person behind Devie and Hawise's gift - an eye patch for the one eyed dog and parrot shirt for the little one.  Hawise is frozen in hatred in that picture.

My mom made Lil a beautiful dress and matching satchel.  They fit so well and even include sparkly adornments as Lil requested in her wish list.

Sisters Megan and Heather made hand-stamped stationary, fancy chocolates, a snack pack of homemade ricotta, mozzarella, and crackers, and flavored vinegar.

handmade upper apronhandmade skirt from men's shirtscopper wire earring holder

Grandma sewed a top apron and my cousin Naomi made me a skirt from old men's dress shirts.

Alex's mom gave me a very cool earring holder made by a local artist from fine gauge copper wire wrapped evenly around large gauge wire.  This seems simple enough that anyone with some patience could make it.  The earrings on the display are made by my sister-in-law-to-be Kim.

Uncle Mike made Alex a home-cut and hand-sharpened titanium hand scraper/bottle opener with a hand-sanded wooden handle.  As if that wasn't enough, he cast some tiki shaped chocolate molds too.

One topic of conversation during the handmade gift exchanges is that the giving became more meaningful and fun. I am so thankful for family members that not only appreciate making presents by hand but are talented enough to produce some really creative things. 

We feel perfectly present-ed this year.  Did you receive any handmade goodies?