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2010 Year In Review

bee on a sunflower in summerI'll end 2010 with a retrospective just like I ended 2009. We bloggers do these things and maybe you readers enjoy them. January - Life was so boring here that I shared the contents of my cupboards and wrote a little piece about botulism.

February - I spoke at and attended the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association conference. I especially enjoyed the keynote address by Joel Salatin.

March - My family enjoyed a short vacation to the mid-Atlantic and welcomed backyard chickens to our homestead.

April - Alex and I slaughtered a pig and reflected on the experience.

May - Our garden began producing strawberries. Alex and I shared advice about bike commuting equipment and cycling road rules in support of bike to work month.

June - Baby vegetables began to appear in the garden. I entered my totally local asparagus relished eggs in Wild Goose's Asparafest and shared which flowers to pick from a vegetable garden.

July - We canoed in Canada, managing camp meals for nineteen family members and friends.

August - We harvested mountains of sexy heirloom tomatoes. I attended a talk about Edible Forest Gardens even as my bountiful garden necessitated a series of canning posts about fruit jam, pectin, and vegetables.

September - I began eating meat again. Lil made a new garden and the whole family went camping for Labor day.

October - I turned thirty with much celebration. We bought a cider press and toured Jeni's Ice Cream.

November - Alex and I went to Kentucky for a bourbon boozy weekend. Lil joined us for many thanksgiving meals and met a well endowed pig named Big Mac.

December - We gave and received homemade presents after hosting our annual Xmas Eve Dinner. Alex and I celebrated our tenth anniversary. Here's to more exciting homesteading adventures in 2011!