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2011 Resolutions

I am a suggestible self-controlled perfectionist.  Therefore, new years resolutions are usually successful for me.  Of course, I help myself out by creating reasonable and measurable resolutions.  Let it be resolved that in 2011, I will: messed up sinuses1. Fix my headbone. I've been fairly quiet about it here, but since September I have suffered from sinus infections and pressure. I finally had a c/t scan that revealed turbinates and bone blocking normal sinus flow. Surgery to remove the offending tissue is scheduled for the end of January unless I can get in earlier.

2. Make crackers regularly so that we no longer buy them.

3. Find a source and purchase local and/or organic chicken feed.  Our current feed from Purina is a travesty to the local food movement and probably not the greatest for the girls either.

4. Learn to edit and publish videos with less frustration.

5. Hike at least once a month. Backpack and camp at least three times.

6. Budget more towards savings. We want to travel a lot and money seems to be the constant excuse for why we cannot. If we budget more for savings, it follows that we will have more savings to spend on travel.

7. Return to a feel-good weight and tone. The sinus issues have knocked me out of my healthy eating and exercise routines. I want to lose a little weight and regain strength. I'll share my tips and tricks for doing so in the next few weeks.

8. Practice being content. I so enjoy bettering myself and my surroundings that I am rarely satisfied to be still. I want to work on being thankful for where I am.