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Pantry Month & Meal Plan Monday January 3, 2010

home cook thinking about recipes in the kitchenThis month we are going to do our best to eat solely from the foods we have in the house right now. I gave our family this challenge to:1) save money (resolution number 1 isn't going to be cheap) 2) clear out massive stores of pantry stuffs and 3) resist boredom in the cold mid-winter.

I put $100 cash in an envelope for us to use for restaurants and grocery purchases as necessary (I know we'll have to buy milk, for instance) but with careful planning I hope we will feed ourselves from the freezers and pantry shelves nearly all the time. We put up a lot of jarred things this past summer, are well stocked on meat and flour, get two eggs a day, and have a full liquor cabinet. We can do this!

Anyone want to join Pantry Month? I plan on updating each Monday with our meal plan for the week.

I figure planning is key to keeping our meals enjoyable. Here's what we will eat for dinner this week:

Monday - ricotta gnocchi and greens (make pumpkin something during the day for snacking and lunches)

Tuesday - Pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, and rice

Wednesday - spaghetti, veggie chili, and cheese

Thursday - macaroni and cheese

Friday - baked fish, stuffed squash, and frozen green beans

Saturday - possible trip to Cincinnati or fried chicken, mashed potatoes and frozen peas

Sunday - family dinner, bring bread or other baked good